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Staff Directory

Standing Chapter 13 Trustee
Nancy J. Whaley
Staff Attorneys and Judge Assignments
Eric Roach Attorney assigned to Judge Sacca – Gainesville Division
Maria Joyner Attorney assigned to Judge Sacca –¬†Atlanta Division
Julie Anania Attorney assigned to Judge Cavender
Ryan Williams Attorney assigned to Chief Judge Hagenau
Key Office Staff
Lisa O’Ree Director of Operations
Rachel Waller Accounting & Finance Manager
  Information Technology Administrator
Finance Group
Jennifer Prince Supervisor
Ometria Allen Closing Case Auditor (Judge Cavender)
Melissa Mackenzie Closing Case Auditor (Chief Judge Hagenau)
Margaret Eddins Closing Case Auditor (Judge Sacca)
Michael Oliveri Secured Claims Audit Specialist
Zina Thompson Bar Date Auditor
Gloria Dollar Finance Research Analyst
Lynette Tennant Cash Post and Case Set-Up Specialist
Meryl Gettis Cash Post and Case Set-Up Specialist
Danielle Roberts Case Set-Up Specialist
Keith Kowalchuk Tax Analyst
Diane Barber Delinquency Specialist
Nichelle Jones Mail Room Clerk
Victoria Mctier Customer Service
Case Administration and Legal Group
Tamara Hill Supervisor
Felice Hollingsworth Confirmation and Claims Specialist
Corliss Wyatt Confirmation and Claims Specialist
Sonya Anderson Confirmation and Claims Specialist
Corey Youngblood Confirmation and Claims Specialist
Yolanda Ross Claims Analyst
Minnie Thrasher Claims Analyst
Michelle Roelkey Paralegal
Mark Painter Paralegal
Will Simmons Paralegal
Nicole Alston Paralegal
Jenna Robinson Court Specialist
Denetreis Smith Legal Secretary
Celeste Weber Legal Secretary
Jennifer Roman Legal Secretary / Business Case Coordinator