Attorney Contact Information

Cases in our office are assigned by Judge to a Staff Attorney. Please communicate directly with the Staff Attorney assigned to the Judge handling your case. You may send court documents via email or fax them to (678) 992-1202.

Cases assigned to Chief Judge Wendy L. Hagenau
Ryan Williams
handles cases assigned to Chief Judge Wendy L. Hagenau. His paralegal is Michelle Roelkey.

Cases assigned to Judge Jeffery W. Cavender
Julie Anania handles cases assigned to Judge Jeffery W. Cavender. Her paralegal is Will Simmons .

Cases assigned to Judge James R. Sacca- Atlanta and Gainesville Division
Eric W. Roach handles cases assigned to Judge James R. Sacca. His paralegal is Nicole Alston.

Maria Joyner  handles 341 meeting of creditors and supervises the legal group.